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summer 22'


Anomaly Containment is a series of 3D animated sculptures designed to be explored and viewed within a virtual reality environment. The motivation behind these studies was to explore the impact of animated sculptures in VR and how that might influence future immersive experiences. Making the animations themselves was also an exploration of 3D animation design techniques. The animations were designed through procedural scripting methods in the CAD-modelling software Rhino, and a pipeline was developed to import the animations into Unity. Having developed a space for immersion and an end-to-end design pipeline, the hope is that future 3D animation ideas could be easily visualized and explored for VR. All videos are recorded from a Quest 2.

Cubic Twist

Rhythm Pillars

Dot Wave


These studies are focused on exploring a variety of different geometric and structural concepts that often in first-person perspective seem static are now made dynamic. Borrowing from preconceived notions and skewing those preconceptions is what I think is the potential for creating provocative pieces in VR. For the next steps, I do hope to take the fidelity of these sculptures further with better texturing, lighting, and user-responsive features. Perhaps the Quest 2 is not a desirable platform for now, where PCVR is better suited for rendering more engaging scenes.

Either way, in VR these were pretty cool.

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