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fall '19

Spotblinds is a project that uses motion tracking technology and a system of reactive panels for an interactive window shading system. Twelve semi-transparent louvres are each outfitted with their own servo motor and LED, that receives information from a Kinect that tracks user movement and positioning in space. User movement in front of the Kinect will indicate angles for the panels to point themselves towards, creating a gradation of openness.

A single Arduino UNO controls all 12 servo motors boards while three AA battery packs are used to power the servos. The computer is connected to both Kinect and Arduino, which allows for testing an active response from the user. The way the code works is through utilizing a Processing library called Kinect4WinSDK, which is a wrapper for the Windows Kinect development kit. The Kinect provides a skeletal reading of any body it detects, and creates a list of x, y, z points per each point on the skeleton. The library makes it easy to read these coordinates from the Kinect and write its values to the serial port the Arduino is connected to. As the Arduino is constantly listening for new serial values, it is actively writing new servo values the Kinect is providing. 

PROJECT 1.jpeg
PROJECT 2.jpeg
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