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Imitation Ball

VR 3D-Pong, where player competes against AIs trained with reinforcement learning.

reinforcement learning, virtual reality, game development, 3D design

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World Destroyer

A VR dart-tossing game turned city-destroyer. Navigate and hit targets from an alien ship!

virtual reality, game development, 3D design

icon acid.png

Anomaly Containment

A collection of parametrically designed 3D animations for VR experiences.

virtual reality, game development, 3D design, animation, generative design


A Walk in Latent City

Traversing latent and geographic space of a VAE's latent embeddings.

machine learning, data visualization, game development, generative design



Prototype for an interactive blinds installation controlled using vision-based hand-tracking.

computer vision, arduino, 3D design, digital fabrication

yolo icon.png

YOLO Controller

Experiments with using vision-based object detection as a controller for game interaction.

computer vision, game development

sdtsacky icon.png

Stacky-Block Env

Stacking-puzzle reinforcement learning environment for finding dense block configurations.

reinforcement learning, game development, generative design

parking icon.png

Parking RL Trials

Using highway-env, a series of reinforcement learning algorithm and tuning experiments.

reinforcement learning, machine learning

mocap icon.png

MoCap Paintings

Equipping a paintbrush with motion capture technology for tracking and digital interpretation.

motion capture, 3D design, generative design

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